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Experienced agency for marketing & advertising strategy & execution situated in New Delhi, India

Our agency for marketing & advertising strategy in New Delhi combines proven strategies in the process of practical product assessment, media analysis, budgetary choices, and market definition to result in an excellent marketing plan. We not only offer advertising and marketing research services in India but also to clients in other countries. Other than that, we provide revised blueprints of existing campaigns to the clients who want just the advertising consultancy services. The valuable advice that our agency professionals in Delhi give for executing advertising campaigns to the clients is impeccable.

Agency for marketing & advertising strategy in New Delhi

Planning of Advertising and Marketing Strategy

We are an agency for marketing & advertising strategy situated in New Delhi. We are known for planning strategic advertising strategies according to the client’s budget, product, target market, and objective. Our advertising agency professionals include various strategies of Digital Media, Outdoor Media, Digital Marketing, Below the line strategy, etc. in the advertisement plan. The plans are always focused on the ROI generated for the client and the time taken to see visible results.

Execution of Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

We execute end-to-end marketing and advertising campaigns. Known as one of the best agencies for executing advertising campaigns in Delhi NCR, we have a network of professionals with whom we collaborate for meeting specific needs. The professionals (including production houses, media buying agencies, outdoor advertisement companies, etc.) are thoroughly screened and supervised by us. In-house, we specialize in Digital media, Designing, Copy writing, and Digital Marketing.

Innovative Advertising Campaigns

We plan out-of-the-box innovative marketing campaigns. Some campaigns use the latest technologies and others pitch the product in a creative manner to the customers. Above all, we prepare a campaign blueprint, describing the key details and identify the purpose of the overall campaign, conveying the thought process to the client. Having a team of young and talented members, our agency for marketing & advertising strategy in New Delhi inculcates creativity and innovation into campaigns, ensuring that client’s objectives are met.

Advertising and Marketing Consultancy

Having our head office located in New Delhi, we provide consultancy services for advertising strategy and marketing strategy. Several top companies have utilized our experience to their advantage. Some clients just avail consultancy from us and many continue to be in touch with our agency for executing advertising campaigns not only in Delhi NCR, but across India and in other countries. We also conduct market research for consultancy projects, which involve high stakes. While providing consultancy services, we start of with auditing their existing campaigns. Our systematic approach enables us to prepare a user friendly rich in detail campaign blueprint.

Uni Square Concepts

Some of our Advertising Strategy Clients in & outside New Delhi

Collaborating with Uni Square Concepts has been a really pleasant experience. Their strong work ethic and creative solutions make them easily distinguishable from any other advertising strategy agency in New Delhi and even India. They have been managing the advertising and marketing for our entire group companies and I must say that they have done a good job. The sincere and timely communication of the Uni Square Concepts team makes them stand out from all the other Indian advertising agencies, with whom we have worked with in the past.

David Boddy

Chairman and Senior Partner, ASIS Education


Marketing & advertising strategy agency in New Delhi

A top agency for advertising & marketing research in New Delhi, India we provide the best thought about campaigns and also assist in executing the advertising campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uni Square Concepts encompasses a team of industry experts that cater to designing exclusive and unique strategies for businesses. Led by our CEO Mr. Uday Sonthalia, who is extremely well versed in the field of Advertising and Marketing, we carefully understand the nature of your business and design marketing strategies differentiating you from your competitors. With over 10 years of experience, our past recognitions are a testament of our offerings. For more details about our CEO, you can visit his website:

This is one of the commonly asked questions on advertising and marketing. The effectiveness and visibility of results is directly proportional to your budget. The better you invest, the faster will you be able to see the desired results. The client is informed about the expected results at the time of the quotation, based on the services being provided. Being brand experts, we strongly believe that quality investments lead to quality results.

The client coordination system is agreed upon at the beginning of the project duration itself. If required, we make sure a phone call is the last resort in case the communication is interrupted. We always ensure that there is no compromise in client satisfaction.

The best suitable way to target Indian consumers is through social media. The usage of social media for Indian users has increased significantly. This is an opportunity for companies to use social media to their advantage for better brand positioning.

Luxury brands require Top of Line marketing where promotions happen across malls. We aim to provide the maximum publicity among our high network individuals network. We focus on creating a brand image by making use of professional and impactful designs and creative services. For more insights on the working of an advertising agency, contact us today.

For targeting the right audience demographics, social media can be used effectively for getting optimum results. Social media is a very powerful tool in the hands of a business today. It can be effectively used to reach out to your target audience in the right manner. At Uni Square Concepts, we help you to strategize for your brand to help it reach the maximum potential.

This is one of the commonly asked questions on advertising and marketing. Outdoor marketing is risky but effective for a business targeting a specific audience and demographic. Uni Square Concepts does not take up media buying, hoardings, billboards and other outdoor activities. We specialise in designing and copywriting and only take up the same for outdoor marketing. As the best marketing solution providers, we strategize and execute to make sure that your brand reaches its maximum potential. For more insights on the working of an advertising agency, contact us today.

It completely depends on the agreement that we have with the client. If we agree on sharing reports then we will share a detailed report including analysis via email or in print format. We are dedicated individuals seeking client satisfaction to the fullest. We ensure that the feedback and suggestions given by our client are always taken into consideration at the maximum capacity.