The success story of a top advertising agency in India unfolds through a series of best digital marketing agency case studies, showcasing complex use cases that illustrate our expertise in navigating the dynamic marketing landscape. Collaborating with clients like COOCAA India, The Himalaya Group, ShopClues, Moxie Labs Pvt. Ltd., etc, we have consistently delivered remarkable results. Our strategic digital marketing, brand enhancement, e-commerce optimisation, and innovative campaigns have led to heightened brand awareness, sales growth, enhanced customer retention, and increased market recognition. Uni Square Concepts is a trusted partner for clients with diverse objectives and potential.


This complex use case of marketing agency in India is of The Himalaya Group, a leading real estate company in India. The Himalaya Group has successfully delivered several group housing projects, spanning over 2.1 million sq. ft. in total. Some of the renowned projects delivered by them include Himalaya Tower, Himalaya Legend and Himalaya Tanishq. Their ongoing Mega Group Housing Project in Delhi NCR, Himalaya Pride has commenced the process of delivering possession, with two towers already delivered. Being one of the complex use cases of a marketing agency in India, it focuses on how we were able to make The Himalaya Group stand on top in their digital marketing strategy among all other competing real estate projects. The company was able to thrive with the leads obtained by them through our efforts.

CLIENT: Elcon Alloys pvt. ltd.

Elcon Alloys Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium and Zinc alloys. This success story of the top advertising agency in India highlights our partnership with Elcon Alloys to enhance their corporate image. We meticulously designed impactful brochures, presentations, visiting cards, and a captivating corporate film. Our creative approach showcased the company’s technical expertise and commitment to excellence. The cohesive visual identity we crafted conveyed reliability, innovation, and quality. The marketing collateral contributed to increased brand visibility, client engagement, and industry recognition. This case study exemplifies our agency’s ability to translate technical prowess into compelling visual narratives, fostering a positive perception and market differentiation for Elcon Alloys.

CLIENT: Reboard

Our advertising agency collaborated with Reboard, a cutting-edge interactive board company, revolutionizing education and business landscapes. Uni Square Concepts worked on a legion of projects for Reboard. We crafted a comprehensive visual identity for the company, from designing the logo to creating branding materials including brochures, presentations, visiting cards, corporate film, and website, everything was done by our in-house team. Our holistic marketing approach resulted in heightened brand awareness and positioned the company as a pioneer in the integration of technology for transformative education and business solutions. This success story of the top advertising agency in India exemplifies our agency’s proficiency in shaping futuristic brand narratives.

CLIENT: Anglo schools international services (ASIS)

This complex use case of a marketing agency in India is of Anglo Schools International Services (ASIS), one of the prominent companies providing study abroad consultancy. With a presence in different countries, Uni Square Concepts managed its end-to-end branding. We crafted a comprehensive suite of branding materials, including brochures, presentations, visiting cards, corporate films, and logos for ASIS and other brands under its umbrella. By strategically designing visually appealing and informative assets, we effectively communicated ASIS’s global education services. This case study exemplifies our ability to translate the essence of a study abroad consultancy into compelling visuals, contributing to ASIS’s success in the competitive education industry.

CLIENT: VS Astrologers & Healers

This complex use case of a marketing agency in India is of VS Astrologers and Healers, a renowned brand in astrology and healing services. This case study highlights our fruitful collaboration with VS Astrologers and Healers for audio and digital marketing. Uni Square Concepts successfully produced a captivating radio jingle and executed a targeted social media marketing campaign for VS Astrologers. By blending creativity with strategic outreach, the campaign amplified VS Astrologers’ online presence and attracted a diverse audience seeking astrological and healing services. This case study exemplifies our ability to harness the power of both traditional and digital mediums to effectively promote unique services, contributing to VS Astrologers’ brand recognition and client engagement.


Coocaa is an international television brand head-quartered in China. This case study is a complex use case of our marketing agency in India. Coocaa is a globally recognized television brand and they claim to be the largest TV brand in South East Asia. This success story of our top advertising agency in India highlights the story of the ad film campaign that we produced for Coocaa India to promote their newly launched offer for the Indian customers. The ad films were to be used across various media, including social media and influencers. We created three ad films for Coocaa India along with two different versions for the second ad film and a live stream video for the announcement of results. Right from conceptualizing the idea and scripting, to executing the production and post-production, everything was managed by us.

CLIENT: We R Stupid

We R Stupid is one of the leading fitness channels in India that provides research-based fitness videos. This complex use case of a marketing agency highlights our collaboration with a prominent fitness company to revamp its brand identity. We have crafted dynamic logos, eye-catching posters, engaging intro videos, responsive websites etc. Our strategic approach aligned with the fitness brand’s ethos. The new visual elements elevated the company’s image and also attracted a broader audience. The website’s user-friendly design enhanced the overall brand experience, resulting in increased online engagement and a positive impact on We R Stupid’s market presence. This successful case study highlights our agency’s proficiency in creating compelling and cohesive multimedia campaigns.


ShopClues is an online marketplace owned by Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. It is located in Gurugram, India. This case study is a complex use case of our marketing agency in India. This success story of our top advertising agency in India highlights the story of the jingle that we had created for ShopClues on their 8th Anniversary. ShopClues, as one of the top online marketplace, wanted to do something unconventional for their 8th anniversary. Uni Square Concepts helped in developing the an impactful theme song for their anniversary. Right from conceptualizing the idea and scripting, to tune development according to the genre, everything was managed by Uni Square Concepts. This case study also delves into how we successfully overcame challenges to make the jingle truly appealing.

CLIENT: TVS Motor company

This complex use case of a marketing agency in India is of TVS Motor Company, one of the largest 2-wheeler companies in the world. This case study highlights the elaborate process of crafting a compelling brochure. Focused on showcasing TVS’s cutting-edge products, the brochure emphasizes sleek design, advanced technology, and a commitment to sustainability. Uni Square Concepts has strategically blended vivid visuals with concise content, effectively communicating the brand’s values and product features. Through this collaboration, TVS Motor Company captivated its target audience and drove brand awareness. This success story of the top advertising agency in India exemplifies the successful integration of creative marketing strategies to elevate the brand’s image and market presence.


Unicosmos is a school for expat children for classes from Toddlers to Grade XII located in Gurugram (Delhi NCR). The key business objective of our client is to offer an unique educational experience with ultra-modern facilities keeping the safety of the children on high priority. They have a state of the Art IT & Security controlled school campus. In order to ensure that the students coming from different countries stay connected to their roots and culture, the client has designed a unique program to incorporate experienced international staff along with international food for students. Until the point of allocation of this project to us, the client had been conducting business through non digital assets. Our team has been instrumental in creating a path-breaking multilingual website for Unicosmos. The complex use case of marketing agency in India, elaborates upon the role of Uni Square Concepts in maneuvering through the challenges and making the project a success story of a top advertising agency in India.


Moxie is a one-stop app for all health care needs. It is a unified platform that connects Patients, Families, Labs, Pharmacies, etc. It offers a built-in support system for low or no network conditions. The platform is accessible as a website or an app. The first of its kind patient relationship management platform in India, Moxie has carved a niche for itself in the healthcare domain. This complex use case of marketing agency in India focuses on the strategic marketing efforts and on time advertising consultancy provided by us that helped Moxie scale to new heights. It highlights the innovative marketing strategies implemented by us successfully for Moxie, making it one of the best traditional and digital marketing agency case studies. Through our partnership, we have not only contributed to their success but have also demonstrated the effectiveness of innovative marketing strategies in a complex and competitive industry. It serves as a testament to our ability to drive growth and visibility for our clients.


Goals and Potentials is a renowned brand in India for life coaching, designed for a one-on-one set up as well as for the corporate environment. The client provides counseling services for different age groups through workshops, classrooms, and online services. The duo, Prithvi Raj Bijlani, and Gunjan Bijlani initiated Goals and Potentials. They provide life coaching and counseling services to people with a motive to help them shape up their lives. Uni Square Concepts has been instrumental in creating the share of goodwill that Goals and Potentials now enjoys. Right from setting up their website to executing their online marketing, our team has been with G&P throughout. This case (considered among the best digital marketing agency case studies) addresses on how we were able to successfully tackle the complex challenges that arose in the process of making the brand: Goals and Potentials. Every element of this complex use case of a marketing agency has been discussed in detail.


The following success story of top advertising agency in India, is a detailed account of the birth and growth of Uni Square Concepts, an up-and-coming advertising agency. The study presents the complex use case of our Marketing Agency in India. It also highlights the role of the founder in this growth, thus, illustrating the importance of good leadership and the different facets of the experiences and learning of a startup. This is one of the best digital marketing agency case studies. It aims to present the journey of our organization, in as much of its entirety as is possible and also to do justice to a story of immense hard work and willpower.