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[ client name: the himalaya group ]

Success Story of Advertising in Delhi NCR of Indian Real Estate Project

This success story of advertising in Delhi NCR, Noida is of The Himalaya Group, a leading real estate company in India. The Himalaya Group has successfully delivered several group housing projects, spanning over 2.1 million sq. ft. in total. Some of the renowned projects delivered by them include Himalaya Tower, Himalaya Legend and Himalaya Tanishq. Their ongoing Greater Noida West Real Estate Project Himalaya Pride has commenced the process of delivering possession, with two towers already delivered. It is a mega group housing project.

websites developed for the himalaya group by uni square concepts

This Indian Real Estate traditional & digital marketing case study focuses on how we were able to make The Himalaya Group stand on top in their digital marketing strategy among all other competing real estate projects. It also highlights the other ATL and BTL strategies used by us for this Greater Noida West real estate project. The company was able to thrive with the leads obtained by them through our efforts.

Uni Square Concepts


Uni Square Concepts has managed to leave a deep impact because of its organic market approach. Special attention to details, whether be it SEO or social media is what you can expect from them.

Shikhar Sharma

president, marketing, Himalaya Group


[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

Few Glimpses of HIMALAYA Tanishq

When The Himalaya Group sensed the intensity of the situation, they reached out to Uni Square Concepts. They expected us to detect the issues and initiate by enhancing the presence of the brand, so that simultaneously the Himalaya group comes on the top among its real estate competitors. Primarily, the focus was on their latest Greater Noida West real estate project, Himalaya Pride. After doing a thorough analysis, Uni Square Concepts figured that customers were not able to locate ‘The Himalaya Group’ while searching for a similar category and services online as the On Page optimisation strategies implemented by the previous marketing agency were not up to the mark.

  • Considering the potential that the brand carries in terms of market value and consumer trust, it failed to generate enough awareness about their projects online in various segments of India.
  • The need of the hour was to generate awareness and build an identity of the brand among its target audience.
  • Experiencing fewer organic search traffic and lack of an effective search ranking, the users couldn’t find the website online, while they searched them on different browsers. As a result, the brand was not getting enough amount of inquiries and leads.

After doing intensive research and analysis during the making of this Indian Real Estate traditional & digital marketing case study, we further learned that the brand required a 360-degree marketing approach to link their online success with other traditional marketing efforts. Major initial objectives were set in the process of making this brand marketing story, a success story of advertising in Delhi NCR, Noida. They are:

(1). In the first phase, the focus was to build brand awareness by using specific marketing tactics:

  • Online marketing– To improve the rank on SERP and growing the traffic of the website, the focus was given to Search Engine Optimization. It was planned to initiate a campaign on Google AdWords, to provide the company with an instant boost in their number of leads.
  • Other Offline marketing tactics such as BTL and TTL activities to support online efforts.

(2). The second phase was all about generating a high number of good quality leads for the brand, with the help of specific online and offline activities.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution

Few Glimpses of HIMALAYA PRIDE

Uni Square Concepts undertook a comprehensive web development initiative for the Himalaya Group, initially crafting a dynamic website that was later redeveloped with a fresh, updated look. The efforts of this Indian Real Estate traditional & digital marketing case study started with conducting a thorough marketing audit of The Himalaya Group, with a motive to understand the strategies. It was during this audit, that we foresaw the journey that came along with the brand. We then began carefully moulding its way towards building a brand new SEO friendly website. Whilst working on that, we expanded their Information Architecture (IA) by keeping in mind, its manoeuvrability and deep linking. The redesigned site aimed to enhance user experience and align with contemporary design trends. Additionally, we successfully developed a dedicated website for the Himalaya City Center project. These platforms not only showcase the company’s real estate portfolio but also provide a seamless digital experience for potential clients, featuring user-friendly interfaces and engaging content that reflects the Himalaya Group’s brand ethos and offerings.

Uni Square Concepts managed Social Media Marketing for the Himalaya Group as well as their projects Himalaya Pride, Himalaya Tanishq & Himalaya City Center. The work involved total handling of Social Media Marketing right from conceptualisation to writing of copy, designing of posts etc. Our team also managed the entire strategy for their page spend and also handled their sponsored campaigns on a regular basis on Facebook and Instagram.

Few Designs created for the himalaya group by uni square concepts

Uni Square Concepts executed impactful video production projects for the Himalaya Group. Meticulous planning and collaboration resulted in a visually compelling narrative that highlighted the unique features of Himalaya Group’s projects. The video, created to resonate with the target audience, effectively showcased the real estate offerings’ beauty and value. Uni Square Concepts’ expertise in storytelling and visual communication brought the Himalaya Group’s brand to life, enhancing its market presence and engaging potential buyers and investors.

Multimedia developed for the himalaya group by uni square concepts

To see it becoming a sucess story of advertising in Delhi, NCR, our goal was to escalate The Himalaya Group’s website for effortless browsing and to attract potential prospects. For implementing our goal, we optimized localized landing pages and executed submission of xml sitemaps, which bought in Google and other search engines to crawl and index the content of the website regularly.

The elevation unearthed an unprecedented increase in website traffic, due to which we were able to administer A/B tests. Furthermore, we continued optimizing lead generation and conversion. Alternatively, we ran these processes & came across the behavioural patterns of online prospects and conceptualized a constructive way to reach out to them. Followed by Off page SEO to generate awareness, traffic and leads on the regular basis, we proceeded toward focusing on Content Development, Paid advertisements such as Search and Display along with Social Media Management for the brand.

This Indian Real Estate digital marketing case study was half-finished until the offline marketing got put to use. Some of the advertisements and campaigns that we have managed for the brand include:

  • Hoardings and Billboard
  • Advertisements
  • Print advertisements
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Brand Activation campaigns
  • CRM integration marketing


This Indian real estate traditional & digital marketing case study involves some other factors as well. Our marketing framework for Himalaya Group which included 360 degree Offline and Online marketing activities, later extended to providing the company assistance with our 3rd party management services. Under this service, our dedicated team members of Uni Square Concepts help the brand to manage and maintain relations with a list of existing and potential customers. For such kind of service, we maintain a cloud database of the customers. This database can be accessed by our team and by the client’s team, for keeping an eye on the ongoing operations & its progress.


[ Outcome ]


Revamped the logo

Old Logo

New Logo

Till now, we have not failed to unravel effective solutions for the client. As a result, The Himalaya Group continues to partner with Uni Square Concepts even to this day. The association which had started in 2014 is growing deeper day by day. With our continuous 360-degree marketing efforts, we were able to make this project a success story of advertising in Delhi NCR, Noida. We generated some great results for Himalaya Group that makes it an interesting Indian real estate traditional and digital marketing case study:

  • 175% of the expansion in the number of indexed pages
  • Attained No.1 search ranking position amongst all real estate competitors (big brand names) who have properties in the same vicinity/city/region and specifically, who were with competing us in the Greater Noida West real estate projects. The results do not include competition with real estate portals.
  • Our content marketing efforts and campaigns garnered more than 3.50 Million Impressions
  • We successfully acquired approx 87,000 new users per quarter on an average from the target market.