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[ client name: Reboard ]

BRANDING success story IN INDIA: case study of interactive board by a creative agency

Reboard is an intelligent, interactive board shaping the future of education and business, with smart learning. With a high-definition interactive display, Reboard has been designed to enhance the effectiveness of the training and learning process by providing all-in-one classroom and conference room solutions. Reboard is a product designed and developed by Reparo Private Limited, known for defense equipment and engineering solutions. This product branding case study highlights how Uni Square Concepts spearheaded a comprehensive branding initiative for Reboard, showcasing our prowess in crafting a unified and impactful visual identity. Our dedicated in-house team meticulously designed a distinctive logo, capturing the essence of Reboard's innovation. Along with that our product brand management agency in Delhi worked on a legion of other branding projects including corporate film, visiting cards, flyers, standees and many more.

design Collateral developed for reboard by uni square concepts

Uni Square Concepts

Logo Designed FOR reboard

I am beyond impressed with Uni Square Concepts and their successful product promotion strategies. From crafting a unique logo that perfectly captures our innovation to producing a captivating corporate film, they have showcased an unparalleled level of creativity and professionalism. The attention to detail in designing our visiting cards, flyers, and standees is commendable, creating a cohesive brand identity across all materials. Uni Square Concepts has not just met but exceeded our expectations.




[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

Our product brand management agency in Delhi encountered a series of challenges during the creation of a product feature film, logo design, brochure development, and the execution of product and video shoots. This product branding case study highlights the hurdles that our team navigated during the process with ingenuity and determination.

  • The challenge of the project was to highlight the new concept in an easy to understand way.
  • Developing a feature film required a deep understanding of the product’s intricate features and functionality. Our product brand management agency in Delhi faced the challenge of translating technical details into a visually engaging and easily understandable format for the audience. The challenge was to compile a bunch of information, features & technical specifications in a short duration of 4-5 minutes.
  • The challenge was to execute the entire project in a short span of time. The team worked diligently to highlight key product features while ensuring visual aesthetics aligned with the brand’s identity.
  • Another challenge was to find the appropriate model cum presenter who was required not only to be good looking but also fluent in English. It was necessary for the presenter to be able to understand the technicalities of the interactive board.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution



As a product brand management agency in Delhi, we envisioned and created a unique logo for Reboard, encapsulating the essence of its intelligent, interactive board. The design harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with technological innovation, symbolizing Reboard’s commitment to smart learning. Keeping in mind the successful product promotion strategies, we infused the logo with a sleek and dynamic visual identity, reflecting the product’s transformative role in education and business. Uni Square Concepts’ strategic design approach ensures that the logo not only symbolizes Reboard’s cutting-edge technology but also establishes a powerful and memorable brand presence, contributing to the overall success of the product in the market.


In this product branding case study, we have showcased how Uni Square Concepts crafted an impactful product feature film for Reboard, seamlessly blending innovation and visual storytelling. Navigating the challenges of translating intricate product details into a compelling narrative, our team showcased the intelligent, interactive board’s capabilities. From highlighting its high-definition display to emphasizing its transformative role in education and business, the film captured Reboard’s essence. With precision in scripting, storytelling, and technical execution, our product brand management agency in Delhi successfully portrayed Reboard as a trailblazer in smart learning solutions. Uni Square Concepts meticulously auditioned presenters, securing an ideal fit for Reboard’s shoot. A professional voice-over elevated the film’s quality. We also created a concise short film that showcased the product features dynamically. Our successful product promotion strategies ensured a seamless blend of talent and storytelling, delivering a compelling and engaging product feature film for Reboard.

videos created for REBOARD by uni square concepts


Our product brand management agency in Delhi translated the brand identity seamlessly into the digital realm by developing a website that not only showcases Reboard’s products or services but also reinforces the brand’s personality. The website design is user-friendly, visually engaging, and consistent with the established brand aesthetics. With a modern design, clear navigation, and engaging content, the website effectively communicates Reboard’s brand message and product offerings.

WEBSITE DEVELOPED for REBOARD by uni square concepts


Uni Square Concepts orchestrated a vibrant photo shoot for Reboard, strategically selecting a model to enhance the visual narrative. Keeping in mind the successful product promotion strategies and meticulous attention to detail, the images showcase the interactive board’s innovative features, emphasizing its pivotal role in smart learning. The collaboration yielded a dynamic collection of visuals, capturing the essence of Reboard’s transformative technology. Our product brand management agency in Delhi’s dedication to precision in the photo shoot contributes to reinforcing Reboard’s identity as an industry frontrunner, positioning the brand effectively in the competitive landscape of education technology.

pHOTO & VIDEO SHOOT DONE for REBOARD by uni square concepts


Our product brand management agency in Delhi showcased its creative prowess by designing compelling collateral for Reboard. From attention-grabbing standees to engaging thumbnails and vibrant YouTube covers, each element harmoniously reflects Reboard’s innovative spirit. The cohesive design narrative reinforces brand identity, fostering increased recognition and audience engagement.

youtube COVER designed for reboard by uni square concepts

[ Outcome ]


Visiting card designed for reparo pvt. ltd. (Parent company of reboard) by uni square concepts

This Product branding case study showcased how Uni Square Concepts’ transformative work significantly impacted Reboard, yielding measurable results across various fronts. We demonstrated our prowess in creating a consistent brand identity for Reboard, ensuring that every aspect of the brand’s visual communication reinforces its unique identity. The harmonized approach across the logo, brochure, website, design collateral, and feature video contributes to a unified and impactful brand presence in the market. Our successful product promotion strategies in creating compelling and cohesive visual elements ensured that the brand message was communicated effectively across all branding materials.

  • Increased Brand Visibility: The implementation of a cohesive design strategy across standees, logos, visiting cards, and flyers resulted in heightened brand visibility at industry events, trade shows, and online platforms.
  • Positive User Feedback: The product feature films created by our product brand management agency in Delhi garnered positive feedback from users, effectively communicating the value proposition of Reboard’s interactive boards. This led to increased interest and inquiries.
  • Effective Marketing Collaterals: The design materials, including standees and flyers, served as effective marketing tools, providing potential clients with a clear understanding of Reboard’s offerings and benefits.
  • Enhanced Professionalism: The new logo and visiting cards contributed to a more professional and modern brand image, instilling confidence in potential clients and partners.
  • Online Engagement: Short films created by our product brand management agency in Delhi contributed to increased online engagement, generating interest and shares across social media platforms.
The collaboration between Reboard and Uni Square Concepts resulted in a strengthened brand presence, improved user engagement, and a more cohesive and professional brand image. The combination of compelling product feature films and well-designed marketing collaterals positioned Reboard as a leader in the interactive board industry.