[ client name: Elcon Alloys Pvt. Ltd. ]

branding success story of aluminium manufacturing company in india

Elcon Alloys Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium and Zinc alloys, located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. They specialise in the manufacturing of Aluminium alloy ingots & other specialized alloys. An IATF-certified company, Elcon Alloys has been working in the industry for over two decades and possesses a fully equipped in-house laboratory to ensure the testing of both chemical & mechanical quality of Aluminium alloys. This manufacturing company branding case study focuses on how we have enhanced the branding of Elcon Alloys by implementing a strategic approach and designing compelling brand collateral. Uni Square Concepts delivered everything from designing visiting cards, brochures, and presentations to a compelling corporate film. We also executed successful advertising campaigns for the manufacturing company in Delhi.

design Collateral developed for elcon alloys pvt. ltd. by uni square concepts

Uni Square Concepts

Corporate film project for elcon alloys private limited

I am thrilled with the exceptional services provided by Uni Square Concepts. The successful advertising campaigns for our manufacturing company in Delhi executed by them brilliantly encapsulated our brand’s essence, delivering a powerful visual narrative. The brochure, presentation and visiting card designs were not only creative but also reflected a high level of professionalism. Throughout the process, their team exhibited creativity, expertise, and a dedication to exceeding expectations.




[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

This Manufacturing Company Branding Case Study highlights the primary hurdle of crafting a highly engaging and professional corporate film within a concise 5-minute duration. The company’s expansive vision needed to be condensed without compromising its essence. Striking the right balance between informative content and visual appeal posed a creative challenge. Additionally, we were able to carry out successful advertising campaigns for the manufacturing company in Delhi by aligning the themes and messaging across brochures, visiting cards, and presentations while maintaining a cohesive brand identity which required meticulous planning. Coordinating various elements to ensure consistency across diverse mediums demanded intricate attention to detail. Despite these challenges, our team’s dedication, creative problem-solving, and collaborative efforts led to the successful production of a captivating corporate film and a suite of promotional materials that effectively communicated the company’s vision.

This Industrial designing work portfolio by an advertising agency in India is a testament to hard work and professionalism. While working on the corporate film we faced another major challenge. On the day of the shoot, our production team reached the site location and realised that the team at Elcon Alloys was not prepared. They were not properly dressed, and the plant was also not maintained appropriately. Since the shoot was scheduled, we shot the video. But when we saw the footages, we concluded that the scenes were not up to the mark, and were hampering the overall quality. Therefore, we immediately discussed the issue with our client, and scheduled another shoot. To execute the successful advertising campaign for a manufacturing company in Delhi, we paid attention to all the details and ensured that the optimum quality result is obtained.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution


Uni Square Concepts executed a dynamic photoshoot and video shoot for Elcon Alloys Pvt. Ltd., showcasing the manufacturing excellence and innovation that define the company. This manufacturing company branding case study highlights how our team efficiently conducted the photo and the video shoot capturing precision processes and cutting-edge technology, the visual content enhances Elcon Alloys’ brand, conveying a compelling narrative of expertise and commitment to quality.

pHOTO & VIDEO SHOOT DONE for elcon alloys pvt. ltd. by uni square concepts

Prior to carrying out the successful advertising campaigns for a manufacturing company in Delhi, we conducted thorough research on the aluminum industry to ensure a comprehensive understanding and presented the video in an engaging and creative manner. This Industrial designing work portfolio by an advertising agency in India showcases the complete process of developing a dynamic corporate film. Script development commenced post-research, with multiple drafts refined under the supervision of our CEO, Mr. Uday Sonthalia. Post-shoot, we initiated meticulous post-production work, dedicating significant time to editing, focusing on details like video placement and sound engineering. This manufacturing company branding case study highlights the unique concept that was employed to make the corporate film engaging. We showcased teaser clips with smooth transitions, enhancing overall engagement. Extensive effort went into color grading for a clean and stylistic look, addressing each clip with precision. Auditions for voice-over artists were conducted, finalizing the best match with client approval. Sound engineering played a pivotal role, utilizing effects for a robust impact. The collaborative effort of our writers, videographers, and editors resulted in a successful outcome, highlighting our dedication to excellence and continuous learning throughout the project. Additionally, we crafted intro and outro videos to provide a comprehensive and engaging look, further enhancing the overall video experience.

Intro & Outro video created for elcon alloys pvt. ltd. by uni square concepts

This Industrial designing work portfolio by an advertising agency in India highlights the comprehensive design project for Elcon Alloys Pvt. Ltd., showcasing our expertise in crafting impactful brand collateral. The assignment encompassed the meticulous design of a vibrant and informative brochure, a compelling and visually engaging presentation, and sophisticated business visiting cards. With a keen understanding of Elcon Alloys’ identity and objectives, Uni Square Concepts brought creativity and precision to every element.

[ Outcome ]


Revamped the logo

Old Logo

New Logo

This Manufacturing Company Branding Case Study highlights the collaborative efforts between Elcon Alloys Pvt. Ltd. and Uni Square Concepts which yielded remarkable results:

  • The corporate film and design materials contributed significantly to shaping a positive and cohesive brand image for Elcon Alloys, fostering trust and credibility.
  • The multimedia content created by Uni Square Concepts successfully captivated the target audience, resulting in increased engagement across various communication channels.
  • The materials developed effectively communicated Elcon Alloys’ unique selling propositions, core values, and market positioning, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and connect with the brand.
  • Key performance indicators, such as website traffic, client inquiries, and brand recognition, showed tangible improvement following the implementation of the corporate film and design materials.
This successful advertising campaign for a manufacturing company in Delhi not only achieved immediate success in shaping a positive brand image but also laid the foundation for ongoing growth, recognition, and adaptability in the dynamic business landscape.