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Top Advertising Strategy Consultants in India: Marketing Audit & Brand Consultancy

We are one of the top advertising strategy consultants in India, providing you genuine and reliable brand consultancy and marketing audit services from Delhi NCR, India. Our in-house marketing experts are experienced in providing impeccable services across the globe. Clients seeking advertising and marketing consultancy, often come to us for getting a second opinion on their current advertising strategies. Our consultancy services include auditing and analysis of current marketing strategies and identifying pitfalls. Suggesting the ways of improvement and developing new advertising strategy is further done by us. A detailed report is always presented to the client, making them understand the nitti-gritties, The ultimate goal that we keep in mind while providing advertising and marketing consultanc is to generate effective strategies that help grow the client's business by increasing sales.

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Stage 1: Audit of Existing Strategies

Many clients execute their advertising campaigns in-house, but come to us for expert advice. Our agency for marketing audit services in Delhi NCR evaluates the existing advertising strategy and the marketing efforts put in by the client. This is done thoroughly, after which an audit report is prepared. The audit report includes a number of elements and factors that are considered by our top advertising strategy consultants in India. Some points include the existing brand strategies used by the client, allocation of budget, existing output, identification of the most impactful marketing method, etc. The final research report is detailed and also assesses the future projections. This encompasses an extensive process depending on the nature of the client’s business, objective and target market size.

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Stage 2: Discussion of Results with Clients

The discussion with the client is done based upon the results obtained in the first step. A bona fide report is prepared inclusive of all the facts and figures concerning existing strategies. We explain to our clients the data of the report and discuss with them the effectiveness of their current strategy, which may or may not be effective. Our brand consultancy firm in New Delhi always ensures to give a clear picture to the clients even if the strategy that they are already adopting is good and the best suited for them. Quite often, clients seek this service from Uni Square Concepts to validate the advertising strategies suggested by other agencies. Our approach is client-centric and data-driven. By offering honest and transparent feedback, we help clients make informed decisions about their advertising and marketing strategies.

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Stage 3: Identification of the Best-Suited Strategies

If by analysing the client’s existing strategies, we find any issue or pitfalls, we then move on to suggest them with new strategies. Here we suggest our clients with the best-suited strategies for their business, be it online or offline. We provide our clients with strategies that address existing issues and also position their businesses for growth and success. Our aim is to drive tangible and measurable outcomes, whether that involves increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, or achieving other specific objectives. Throughout this process, we maintain open and transparent communication with the client. We ensure they understand the rationale behind the proposed strategies and how these strategies will address the identified issues and pitfalls. Click here to know how we, do planning of the advertising strategy.

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Stage 4: Submission of Detailed Report of the Selected Strategy

Once the client is okay with the advertising strategy that we suggest, our brand consultancy firm in New Delhi then prepares a proper report consisting of the marketing plan that can be used for executing the strategy in the real world. Click here if you also want to get the strategy executed by us.

Uni Square Concepts

Case StUDY of Marketing Audit services provided by our agency in New Delhi, India

This is a success story of a marketing and advertising agency in India. Our advertising agency is headquartered in New Delhi. Established under the dynamic leadership of its promoter Uday Sonthalia, Uni Square Concepts is known for its expertise and perfectionism. The team is adept at creating TV Commercials and provides all kinds of branding solutions and online marketing strategies to maximize the growth potential of clients. We also specialize in generating original content.

We ensure to provide our clients with value for the money invested, as their advertising and marketing consultants in India. Bringing in with us a wealth of knowledge of working in the advertising agency, our professionals are experienced to deal with businesses of different industries and verticals. Our professional and systematic approach has been appreciated by a number of clients for whom we have delivered results in the past.




Top Advertising Strategy Consultants in India

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