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Use Case of Counseling Success: Life Coaching & Leadership Success Story in India

Goals and Potentials is a renowned brand in India for life coaching, designed for a one-on-one set up as well as for the corporate environment. The client provides counseling services for different age groups through workshops, classrooms, and online services. The duo, Prithvi Raj Bijlani, and Gunjan Bijlani initiated Goals and Potentials. They provide life coaching and counseling services to people with a motive to help them shape up their lives.

Logo Designed for goals & potentials by uni square concepts

Uni Square Concepts has been instrumental in creating the share of goodwill that Goals and Potentials now enjoys. Right from setting up their website to executing their online marketing, our team has been with G&P throughout. This life coaching marketing success story addresses on how we were able to successfully tackle the complex challenges that arose in the process of making the brand: Goals and Potentials. Every element of this use case of counselling success has been discussed in detail.

Uni Square Concepts

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN FOR ADVERTISING life coaching and counseling services

A true entrepreneur at heart and mind, the CEO of Uni Square Concepts Uday Sonthalia is constantly creating new ideas for our business growth. He looks for various venues to ideate upon. His ideology as a leader also brings forth these dormant qualities in his fellow colleagues, making team Uni Square Concepts the best and the most trustworthy choice for all our marketing strategies.

Gunjan Bijlani

Partner, Goals and Potentials


[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

This success story is the use case of counseling success: a Life coaching, leadership, & marketing success story in India. The client required a quick delivery by integrating their existing websites, followed up by regular updates. In future, the client also wanted to integrate remote counselling functionality, integration of artificial intelligence related services and a number of similar features.

Goals and Potentials approached Uni Square Concepts because they wanted us to find a way to let people know about its ‘coaching and counselling services’ and how these services have helped people in grooming their lives and careers. The use case of counselling was a challenge for us to build the brand online and garner leads for it. Inspite of the potential, the brand was lacking in their online search visibility. Its keywords were not ranking anywhere on the search results.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution

To make it a life coaching marketing success story, we used Agile DevOps methodology to ensure high quality delivery for the client. With an aim to support critical and strategic business needs, we implemented continuous delivery, which delighted our client.

Technically, we followed a set of practices and methodologies in software development designed to improve the process of website delivery and ensure reliable releases. Through this approach, we engaged with the operations effectively and have now managed to deliver their requirements in a seamless fashion with regular stable releases.

Upon development of the website, we began with scanning of the brand to understand its market, competitors, opportunities, target audience and their behaviour. While conducting in-depth SEO Audit, we came across several SEO aspects that needed immediate fixations. Some of these aspects belonged to the areas:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Web page Links
  • Keyword – types, insertion and density
  • Optimization of web pages
  • Website Content, and
  • Other Technical elements

When our team noticed it, they created an action plan to resolve these issues. Within a month, the efforts of our team started to reflect w.r.t. the gained ranking and increased website traffic of the brand. Month by month, we were able to deliver better results for the brand.

Few Designs created for goals & potentials by uni square concepts

The use case of counselling success points majorly to our SEO efforts. While continuing with our SEO efforts, we began to shift our focus towards other important online platforms as well. There was a need to develop the brand and talk about its services across relevant Social networking sites and on Google’s search platform. With this aim in mind, we started developing strategies to generate:

  • Awareness and engagement for the brand via social media pages and its content
  • Quality leads via Social Media and Google AdWords

For social media, after analysing the interest of the target audience and finding out major topics of discussions among people, we planned a specific content strategy. Research helped us to decide the right buckets and copies for the content and set brand tonality. With our planned efforts, we were able to garner good awareness for the brand and swiftly in this life coaching marketing success story.

Our next job was to pay attention in generating leads for the brand. To achieve this, we strategically planned some paid campaigns for social media and Google. First we began with the ‘Lead Generation’ ad campaign over Facebook. This campaign reached to the masses and was able to collect relevant leads for the counselling services of Goals and Potentials. People who booked and attended the sessions were well satisfied with the consultation and guidance provided to them. This feedback helped us to gain more insight about the target audience of Goals and Potentials and helped towards making it a life coaching, leadership, and marketing success story in India.

Furthermore, with the motive to test and analyse the audience on Google search, at present, we are running 3 different types of search ad campaigns for Goals and Potentials. These campaigns will help us identify:

  1. intend based searches happening on Google,
  2. different set of audiences and their behaviour,
  3. preference/choices for the different courses provided by Goals and Potentials, etc.

Our team monitors the performance of these campaigns in real-time and if required, makes necessary changes for better optimization. So far, these campaigns are able to collect good amount of clicks. As a result, we continue to partner with Goals and Potentials till now. The use case of counselling success also presents the consistency that is required to make any business a success story.


Uni Square Concepts skillfully crafted compelling branding collateral for Goals & Potentials. Our expertise in design manifested in the creation of a distinctive visiting card that captures the essence of Goals & Potentials’ mission to unlock and maximize individual and corporate potential. The design reflects a seamless blend of professionalism and innovation, resonating with the ethos of the coaching services provided.

VISITING CARD created for goals & potentials by uni square concepts

[ Outcome ]


A highly informative website, aimed to support the target audience was developed using WordPress. Customisations were made by editing the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, as per the requirements. SQL servers were used to store and manage the data. The website adds value to the lives of the visitors, providing them with high quality guidance for addressing their challenges, they face in their lives. The highly qualified councillors support the content development, which is then used to update the website.

In future, the website will also have a digital assistant to support the end users. In this use case of online healthcare marketing, we were able to

  • Increase in organic search traffic by 200%
  • Increase in search ranking to the top results in SERPs
  • Increased leads by100 per month

Thus, making it one of the best life coaching, leadership, and mentoring success stories in India.