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[ client name: We R Stupid ]

BRANDING success story: case study of A FITNESS brand in India by a creative agency

We R Stupid is a groundbreaking YouTube channel in India that distinguishes itself by delivering research-based content on health and fitness. Unlike conventional platforms led by self-proclaimed experts, We R Stupid challenges preconceived notions, encouraging its audience to question traditional beliefs regarding health and wellness. The primary objective of the case study is to analyze the successful marketing in the fitness industry undertaken by Uni Square Concepts for "We R Stupid." Our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi aimed to create a distinct brand identity that not only aligned with the channel's core values but also reflected the revolutionary nature of its content. Uni Square Concepts led We R Stupid's comprehensive branding and marketing in the fitness industry, such as shaping a dynamic logos, producing engaging videos, and designing promotional materials. The result is a cohesive, impactful brand identity that resonates with the audience.

few Ebook covers designed for we r stupid by uni square concepts

Uni Square Concepts

LOGOS DEVELOPED for we r stupid

We engaged Uni Square Concepts for our brand’s complete overhaul, from logo to videos and promotional materials. Their creativity, professionalism, and cohesive approach exceeded expectations. A transformative experience!




[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

Our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi undertook a formidable challenge in crafting the logo and website for We R Stupid, navigating through intricacies that demanded both creativity and precision. The ambitious project presented unique hurdles, notably the complexity of the website and the pressing time constraints. The website, a pivotal platform for We R Stupid’s content dissemination, posed an elaborate challenge. The content-rich nature of the channel demanded a website that could seamlessly integrate videos, articles, and studies. Uni Square Concepts faced the task of creating a highly dynamic website that not only captured the brand’s essence but also provided an intuitive and engaging user experience. Time constraints added an additional layer of complexity to the project. The need for a quick turnaround meant that Uni Square Concepts had to operate with utmost efficiency without compromising on the quality of the design. For ensuring effective and impactful marketing in the fitness industry, the team navigated through a meticulous planning and execution process to meet the deadlines while ensuring that the creative vision was not compromised.
Despite these challenges, our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi rose to the occasion and delivered a website that exceeded expectations. The highly dynamic website not only showcased the richness of We R Stupid’s content but also provided an interactive and immersive experience for the audience. The website seamlessly integrated the diverse elements of the brand, from videos to detailed articles, creating a cohesive and visually appealing platform.

Youtube BANNER designed for WE R STUPID by uni square concepts

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution

Uni Square Concepts crafted a logo that symbolized the channel’s commitment to challenging norms. The design is dynamic, evoking a sense of movement and change, reflecting the transformative nature of the content. our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi also worked on other logos of brands under the umbrella of We R Stupid.

We R Stupid’s website, skillfully crafted by Uni Square Concepts, serves as a user-friendly hub for diverse content. To execute effective marketing in the fitness industry we kept the design simple and elegant that seamlessly integrated logo elements, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive brand experience that enhances accessibility and engagement for the audience exploring the channel’s insightful health and fitness content.

Our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi played a crucial role in video production, ensuring that the visual elements align with the brand identity. The videos likely incorporated the logo and other design elements to maintain consistency.

VIDEOS developed for WE R STUPID by uni square concepts

We executed various marketing campaigns for fitness brand and designed collateral such as business cards, email signatures, and social media banners to ensure a cohesive brand presence across multiple platforms. Brochures were developed to provide a tangible representation of the brand. These brochures likely outlined the channel’s mission, values, and the unique approach it takes to health and fitness content. For effective marketing in the fitness industry, engaging posters were created to promote individual video releases and special campaigns. These posters likely featured compelling visuals and taglines to grab the audience’s attention.

design Collateral developed for WE R STUPID by uni square concepts

WEBSITE BANNERS designed for WE R STUPID by uni square concepts

Our marketing campaigns for fitness brand elevates “We R Stupid” with dynamic social media creatives. Aligning with the channel’s branding, visuals are eye-catching, incorporating bold graphics and consistent elements. Engaging quotes, interactive content, and behind-the-scenes glimpses enhance audience connection. Video teasers generate anticipation, fostering a sense of community. Our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi crafts promotional graphics, creating a compelling online presence that mirrors the channel’s revolutionary stance in health and fitness.

Social Media Creatives developed for WE R STUPID by uni square concepts

[ Outcome ]


Akshay Chopra, Founder, WE R STUPID with our CEO at uni square concepts' event

The marketing campaigns for fitness brand, brought about numerous benefits through website development and branding, contributing to the channel’s success and growth.

  • Uni Square Concepts’ strategic marketing in the fitness industry significantly enhanced We R Stupid’s brand visibility. The cohesive and visually appealing branding elements, including the logo, brochures, posters, and videos, created a memorable and recognizable identity. This increased visibility likely attracted a broader audience and helped the channel stand out in the competitive online landscape.
  • The professional and consistent branding implemented by our fitness brand design agency in New Delhi contributed to We R Stupid’s credibility and trustworthiness.
  • The website developed by Uni Square Concepts played a crucial role in providing an engaging user experience. The highly dynamic website not only showcased the diverse content offered by We R Stupid but also facilitated easy navigation. The interactive features likely kept viewers on the site for longer duration, increasing the chances of converting casual viewers into dedicated subscribers.

The overall branding strategy contributed to shaping a positive brand perception for We R Stupid. The alignment between the branding elements and the channel’s content likely reinforced the message that We R Stupid is a reliable source for challenging and insightful health and fitness information.