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[ client name: unicosmos ]

Marketing Success Story: Building a Multidimensional branding of a Global School

Unicosmos is a school for expat children for classes from Toddlers to Grade XII located in Gurugram (Delhi NCR). The key business objective of our client is to offer a unique educational experience with ultra-modern facilities keeping the safety of the children on high priority. They have a state of the Art IT & Security controlled school campus. In order to ensure that the students coming from different countries stay connected to their roots and culture, the client has designed a unique program to incorporate experienced international staff along with international food for students, well supported by qualified pediatricians.

Until the point of allocation of this project to us, the client had been conducting business through non digital assets. Our team has been instrumental in creating a path-breaking multilingual website for Unicosmos. The use case of education advertising in India elaborates upon the role of Uni Square Concepts in manoeuvring through the website development challenges and making the project a marketing success story of an international school. It also mentions about the social media marketing strategy of the global school.

Uni Square Concepts


Our amazing website is the result of the foresight and innovation of Uni Square Concepts. The strong policies set by the organization has ensured smooth dealings in all facets of our work. The drive and initiative of Uni Square Concepts has helped us to pierce the market and established successfully amidst much competition. Another reason for our healthy relationship is the structured pricing of services and the ethical work delivered by Uni Square Concepts under the able leadership of Mr. Uday Sonthalia.

Manav Mittal

Founder, Unicosmos


[ Strenuous situations, demanding time ]

The challenge

In this use case of education advertising in India, the client required a user-friendly website with a number of advanced features, delivered through several phases. The client also wanted to have access-controlled sections on the website to deliver content in a more controlled fashion to the relevant audience. In addition to the website, the client also wanted us to prepare a pathbreaking social media marketing strategy of its global school, focusing on its unique target audience- the expat children.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution


Due to the nature of this use case of Education Advertising in India, we decided to use an agile methodology for delivery. We assigned a dedicated team, led by a product manager to focus on the client requirements. The product manager partnered with the client’s team members to detail out the requirements. Our highest priority was to engage the client through early and continuous delivery of their valuable website. By shipping quick, incremental releases as the project begins to take shape, the client was able to become much more closely involved and aligned with the development team. This allowed the client to request for changes, which were accommodated by our team through sprint planning and eventually delivery. The website has been successfully delivered to a good standard, with a good response from the users. In-making of the marketing success story of an international school, we continually deployed changes as per the weekly requirements from the client.


Uni Square Concepts has designed a distinctive logo for Unicosmos. The logo embodies the school’s commitment to a unique educational experience with modern facilities and a paramount focus on child safety. The design seamlessly integrates modernity with educational symbols to signify the dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Cosmic elements evoke a sense of limitless possibilities, encouraging students to reach for the stars in their academic journey. Overall, the logo encapsulates Unicosmos’ progressive approach and dedication to providing a safe and enriching educational atmosphere. 

LOGO Options presented

COLOUR Options presented

FINAL LOGO developed for unicosmos by uni square concepts


From visually stunning graphics to engaging content, the creatives developed by Uni Square Concepts highlight Unicosmos’ unique educational approach, state-of-the-art facilities, and its dedication to fostering a dynamic academic journey from toddlers to Grade XII. Uni Square Concepts’ social media creatives not only enhance Unicosmos’ online presence but also effectively communicate its values, making a compelling impact on the target audience. In executing the social media marketing strategy of this global school, we employed the strategy of ensuring that the client’s brand is perceived well amongst their audience, leading to commercial benefit. We run the social media campaigns in a structured fashion, with the current focus on brand awareness and enhancement.

few social media creatives designed for unicosmos by uni square concepts

[ Outcome ]


We used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for the front end and MYSQL servers to store and manage the data. The widely used WordPress CMS was used in the back end for easy management of data by the Unicosmos team. Finally, the results of the marketing success of this international school include:

  • A user-friendly, commercially focussed, world-class website for the end-users.
  • Multilingual feature to cater people from different countries. The website is multilingual only for specific languages.
  • A simple intuitive user experience, with a view to build immersive experience through regular enhancements.
  • The cost effective social media marketing strategy of the global school, which we formulated helped them immensely. It created an awareness among the right audience resulting in the increase in admissions for the new school.

This use case of education advertising in India is amongst the best marketing success stories of an international school.