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[ client name: Shopclues ]


This e-commerce marketing success story in India is of ShopClues. ShopClues is an online marketplace owned by Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. It is located in Gurugram, India. The company has a wide customer range and a huge selling platform. They have over 6 lakh merchants and 2.8 crore products on the platform, serving over 32,000 pin codes across the country. ShopClues provides customers with various lines of products, which include home and kitchen, fashion, electronics, and daily utility items. This online shopping site branding case study in India highlights the making of jingle for ShopClues by Uni Square Concepts.

ShopClues, as one of the top online marketplace, wanted to do something out of their way and unconventional, on their 8th anniversary. ShopClues decided to offer an exclusive mega sale for their customers and in a very different and unique way. ShopClues assigned Uni Square Concepts the work of this radio jingle production, considering the use cases of our advertising agency. We were completely responsible for handling and preparing the jingle. ShopClues wanted a jingle, explaining the mega sale as a birthday party theme, where you play games, have return gifts and exciting deals. The idea was to revolutionize the grand sale and the completion of 8 years with the concept of a birthday party, inturn increasing the overall sales on their website.

Uni Square Concepts


With a handcrafted jingle, Uni Square Concepts helped us to make our 8th anniversary more remarkable. By providing extraordinary concepts with their ravishing ideas, we were able to make the mega sale a success amidst much competition. The jingle is truely a memorable one and was developed after considering many challenges as highlighted in this online shopping site branding case study in India. The theme song for our 8th year anniversary was revolutionary. They managed to deliver the output within only a week. I highly appreciate their CEO, Uday Sonthalia, who supervised the entire process personally.

Akansha Singh

Marketing Head, ShopClues


[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

This e-commerce marketing success stories in India, had the main challenge of developing an appealing and engaging jingle that is able to communicate all the essential information within 30 seconds, along with enticing the customers to buy online. In this case, the client wanted us to drive traffic and orders on their website, at the time of the sale. The aim was to increase consideration and awareness for ShopClues as a visionary brand. The main challenges were as follows:

  • The ShopClues 8th anniversary coincided with Republic day, which was a challenge. There were multiple other competitors, and the startling jingle was needed to stand out in a unique way to beat others.
  • The 8th anniversary was an important and celebratory moment for ShopClues. So along with the company, their customers were also excited about it, as they got good deals across all categories in budget.
  • To make people aware that ShopClues was celebrating its 8th birthday and exciting deals were being offered, while maintaining their brand value.
  • To fully optimize the opportunity and make this sale a grand birthday party sale in terms of communication.
  • The paramount challenge was that the jingle had to be kept within 30 seconds without losing the essence of the jingle. This was ennestial considering the requirements of the various media platforms, where the jingle was to be played.
  • To develop the jingle according to the target audience, which was mostly of Tire 3 and Tire 2 cities.
  • To develop the jingle within a very short span of time, considering the short deadline.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution

The need of the hour was to find an innovative way to engage customers. If the audience is spending a few seconds to hear the jingle, we have to make it unique and exotic. Many E-Commerce marketing success stories in India show that the best way to engage your customers is by your uniqueness.

The entire process of making the jingle was ravishing. There were a few basic steps that were used. We have highlighted them for you in this radio jingle production case of our advertising agency. The radio jingle production by Uni Square Concepts works in five stages, consisting of scripting and conceptualizing; tune development; music composition; recording; and mixing, and mastering. The radio jingle was recorded in a top grade studio, with professional artists.

few lyrics presented as an OPTION

The specifications by the client were analyzed by our team and then catchphrases were used. The genre that was finalized for the jingle was fun and non-serious, with a tinge of humor. Then, the lyrics were finalized upon, followed by the tune composition. The audio creation had to be direct and non-intimidating. The jingle was demanded to be felt like an open invitation for the gala.

The composition and recording of the background music for the jingle was done with utmost care. We worked closely with professional musicians, who created the music track to match the vocal demo. For our client, the genre of music that worked best was the one, which reflected a celebratory, party, and fun and frolic atmosphere.

Team Uni Square Concepts, managed to deliver the entire process within only a week. The output was professional and included the entire process, without compromising on the quality. Options were provided to the clients after doing an extensive research. The selected lyrics were developed with appropriate music composition, recording, mixing and mastering. The result of this E-Commerce marketing success story in India focuses on the taste and preferences of the target audience.

few tune style options presented

[ Outcome ]


A highly creative and engaging jingle, which covered all the aspects and explained briefly all the important deals and offers was developed by our team. All the challenges highlighted in this E-Commerce marketing success story in India were addressed. The jingle was targeted towards a specific age group, people between 18 and 32 years. A major focus was put on tier-2 and tier-3 cities. The final output was focused on both males and females, but skewed towards males. Most importantly the theme was keeping in mind the price-conscious customers, and offered them the best deals. The result of this radio jingle production case of our advertising agency, shows us that segmenting the customers, based on their age, gender, and cities and then focusing on their needs, helped a lot. The turnaround time was very quick, as the client had to launch the campaign in a very short time after the making. The 30 second Jingle produced by us was extensively used on radio and other online platforms like Youtube, Gaana, IVR, etc.