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Executing Marketing Campaigns in India: Online & offline Advertising

Uni Square Concepts is an ad agency in New Delhi, NCR possessing an in-house team that is apt to execute marketing campaigns in India and abroad. Almost every service that a creative advertising agency provides, is being taken care of by us. The advertising and marketing methods in which we specialize, consist of copy writing, designing, digital media, media buying, digital marketing, and other promotional ways. Our team of professional writers, designers and marketers put combined efforts to deliver the best output. We are known for creating professional ads that entice the audience to engage. Our ad campaigns have been acclaimed by our clients, who have been able to grow their businesses with the success of the campaigns.

Execute Marketing Campaigns in India

Copy Writing

The copy writing team of Uni Square Concepts is spearheaded by our CEO, Uday Sonthalia, who is an expert at developing witty, catchy and meaningful copies that leave an impact on the readers. Our ad agency in New Delhi for creating and running campaigns, has a separate writing department that takes care of writing excellent copies to execute marketing campaigns in India. Click here to know more about the copy writing services for online and offline advertisements, provided by our agency in Delhi NCR, India.

Creative Designing

We excel at creative designing of various print and digital material, to execute marketing campaigns in India. The quality of our advertisement material including print ads, hoardings, etc. sets us apart from freelancers and other smaller agencies. We handle branding of all sorts like designing company logos, brochures, websites. Our clients enjoy all the services under one roof, from copy writing to designing, making us one of the best online & offline advertising service providers in Delhi NCR.

Digital Media Production

Our digital media services cover producing TV Commercials, corporate films and radio jingles.  To execute marketing campaigns in India, Uni Square Concepts, a top agency in New Delhi, focuses on producing effective commercials that have a high brand recall. They are backed by professional scripting, screenplay, direction and editing. This ensures that every aspect of the content aligns with the brand’s message. Our radio jingle services have been utilized by top brands to develop a synchrony in the TV and radio campaigns.

Digital Marketing

We have been working in this industry for a considerable time. The digital marketing efforts of our team play a significant role in overall execution of marketing campaigns in India. Our impeccable digital marketing services consist of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Customized Website Development, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing and other ways to take over the digital influence.

Media Buying

We do media buying for both online & offline advertising services from our office in Delhi NCR. We execute the process of promoting the brand on specific channels with cost effective media plans. We buy space in the newspapers, hoardings, radio, or online as per the budget and the media plan. We negotiating and purchase the paid ad services on your behalf. Constant supervision is done throughout the campaign process to improve the effectiveness of the ads.

Outdoor Activities & Promotions

Apart from the above-mentioned services, we also make use of outdoor activities and promotions to execute marketing campaigns in India. Such services include stalls in events, product promotion events, product launches, event sponsorships, etc. End to end execution is handled by the Uni Square Concepts team in a quirky and impactful manner. We create memorable and attention-grabbing outdoor marketing experiences.

Uni Square Concepts

Case Studies on execution of Marketing Campaigns done by our agency in India

Unicosmos is a school for expat children for classes from Toddlers to Grade XII located in Gurugram. The objective of our client is to offer a unique educational experience with ultra-modern facilities.

Goals and Potentials is a renowned brand in India for life coaching, designed for the corporate environment. The client provides counseling services for different age groups through workshops.

We are in contact with Uni Square Concepts for over several years for executing marketing campaigns. We have found a very good level of commitment that they possess, which is not seen in other agencies. They are also very quick in responding to the last minute changes that arise during the course of the work.




Execute Marketing Campaigns in India

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