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Jingles Services for Radio, TV & Video in NEW Delhi: Custom Corporate Theme Tracks

Our Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in Delhi NCR are provided on a large scale all over India to big e-commerce firms and corporate ventures which search for custom corporate music services in Gurgaon and Delhi. We have also provided the jingle music creation services to our overseas clients. Keeping in mind the specifications given by our client, our top theme music creators in India excel at making catchy and memorable jingles! The entire process works in five stages comprising of scripting, tune development, music composition, recording, mixing and mastering. The radio jingle is recorded in top grade studios, with professional artists.

Stage 1: In-House Creative Conceptualisation & Scripting

First, our in-house team of top theme music creators in India begins with learning about the client’s company and service goals. Their specifications for using any catchphrase and requirement for desired length of jingle is also finalized. After that, brainstorming and conceptualization is done by our professionals of custom corporate music services in Delhi NCR, to draft the final script. The lyrics are passed to the client for approval.

Stage 2: Tune Development

The lyrics finalized upon, are used to compose the tune of the song/ jingle. It involves incorporating rhyming words, catchphrases and puns to make it suitable for the music composition and unforgettable for the listeners. All of this is professionally done by our top theme music creators in India. We emphasize on composing tunes that the masses would like to hum! The seamless fusion of lyrical artistry and musical composition results in memorable, impactful songs and jingles.

Stage 3: Music Composition

Once the tune is developed by our Top Theme Music Creators in India, we proceed to compose and record the background music for the track. We work closely with musicians who create music tracks for a vocal demo. Generally, our Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in Delhi NCR are solely provided by us from scratch. The music may be composed by using industry leading software or a live recording could be done. This is decided according to the requirements and the budget of the client.

Stage 4: Studio Recording with Professional Singers

Once the music gets finalized, the selected music is recorded with professional singers in top grade studios for Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in Delhi NCR. We maintain a huge network of professional singers and artists for singing the jingle or the theme song. Our music directors are among the top theme music creators in India and have an experience of working with leading singers of the nation.

Stage 5: Mixing

Here the role of our audio editors, working for Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in Delhi NCR, comes into play. The audio goes through their hands for mixing, where voices of different singers are synchronized with the music. We use Adobe Audition CC (Industry leading software) to do the mixing of the tracks. The mixed output is submitted to the client for approval. The feedback is taken from the client and then the jingle is revised as per the requirement.

Stage 6: Mastering

Once the client likes the mixed output, our experts proceed to master the track and prepare a high resolution digital audio file, suitable to be published on any media be it radio, television or online. Along with making it euphonious for the targeted listeners, the music is mastered to attain high resolution audio quality. Our Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in Delhi NCR has been availed by many prestigious e-commerce companies in India.

Uni Square Concepts

Few Projects of our Custom Corporate Music services in India

We wanted a theme song to be developed for the completion of eight years of Shopclues.com. Our website is among the top e commerce brands in India and the output was required to be highly professional. Uni Square Concepts did a wonderful job. Their CEO Uday Sonthalia, personally supervised the project. The theme song that they created was according to our expectations. It was compelling, quirky, and communicative for our target audience. Their theme song creation services for Radio, TV, Jingle in Delhi NCR had a quick turnaround time. The finalised song was used extensively on the radio, our IVR and other online platforms.




Providing custom Jingle services for Radio, TV, & Video in NEW Delhi

With rich clientele, we've been among the top theme music creators in India delivering custom corporate music services in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

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