Crafting Success

[ client name: TVS Motors ]

case study of tvs: leading two-wheeler manufacturing company

TVS Motors is a renowned name in the global two-wheeler industry, and its prominence in India is unparalleled. As one of the largest 2-wheeler companies in the world, TVS has consistently delivered innovative and reliable motorcycles, capturing the hearts of millions of riders. Hari OM Motorrad, also known as OM TVS, a distinguished TVS dealership in Delhi NCR, stands as a testament to the brand's success. Hari OM Motorrad has secured its position among the top 4 TVS dealerships in India, with an extensive presence across more than 14 locations in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR). This two-wheeler marketing case study explores the collaboration between Hari OM Motorrad and Uni Square Concepts, an automobile branding agency in New Delhi, focusing on the design and creation of a compelling brochure. Recognizing the strategic importance of a well-designed brochure in the marketing mix, OM TVS sought Uni Square Concepts' expertise to enhance its promotional materials and strengthen its brand presence.

Uni Square Concepts


Uni Square Concepts exceeded our expectations in the design of our dealership brochure. Their professionalism and creative prowess were evident throughout the process. They took the time to understand our brand and seamlessly integrated TVS elements into the design. The final brochure not only showcased our range of motorcycles but also captured the essence of our dealership’s commitment to excellence. The visually stunning result has garnered positive feedback from customers and stakeholders alike. Uni Square Concepts’ dedication and creativity make them an invaluable partner for any design project.

Gaurav Pandey

Territory Head, TVS


[ Strenuous situations, demanding times ]

The challenge

This two-wheeler marketing case study showcases several challenges encountered during the brochure design project for Hari OM Motorrad, each demanding creative solutions: 

  • The project faced a tight timeline, requiring us to streamline our design process without compromising quality.
  • With a constraint on the number of pages, we had to carefully curate content and visuals to convey the key messages effectively. Balancing comprehensive information about TVS motorcycles while maintaining a concise and engaging format was a creative challenge.
  • Seamlessly integrating both TVS and Hari OM Motorrad branding elements posed a challenge. We needed to ensure a harmonious blend that strengthened the association between the dealership and the global TVS brand without overwhelming the design.
Our automobile branding agency in New Delhi’s expertise and adaptability allowed us to overcome each obstacle, resulting in a successful and impactful brochure that met the client’s objectives within the given constraints.

[ Effective Measures ]

The Solution


Uni Square Concepts adopted a systematic approach to meet the objectives outlined by Hari OM Motorrad:

  • The team at Uni Square Concepts began by conducting a thorough analysis of the TVS Brand Value & Company Profile, Hari OM Motorrad’s positioning, and the target audience. This step was crucial to align the brochure design with the dealership’s values and the expectations of its customers.
  • Leveraging their creative prowess, the designers at our automobile branding agency in New Delhi developed a unique and compelling conceptual framework for the brochure. This involved integrating TVS’s Brand Value & Company Profile guidelines seamlessly with Hari OM Motorrad’s identity to create a cohesive visual narrative.
  • Uni Square Concepts collaborated closely with Hari OM Motorrad & TVS to curate engaging content that highlighted key features, benefits, and unique selling propositions of TVS motorcycles. The content was crafted to resonate with the dealership’s target demographic and convey a sense of excitement and adventure associated with TVS bikes.
  • Multiple design iterations were undertaken to refine and optimize the visual elements of the brochure. In this two-wheeler marketing case study, we have showcased how Uni Square Concepts focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing layout that balanced text and imagery, ensuring a seamless and immersive reading experience.

[ Outcome ]


Uni Square Concepts Transformed Hari OM Motorrad with Creative Brilliance

The collaboration between our automobile branding agency in New Delhi and Hari OM Motorrad stands as a testament to the impact of strategic design and creative storytelling in the automotive industry. By leveraging the creative expertise of Uni Square Concepts, Hari OM Motorrad successfully transformed its promotional materials, aligning them with the brand values of TVS and elevating the overall customer experience.

  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The designed brochure contributed to a more sophisticated and polished brand image for Hari OM Motorrad. The cohesive integration of TVS’s Brand Value & Company Profile elements further strengthened the association with the global motorcycle giant.
  • Increased Footfall and Conversions: The visually appealing and informative brochure became a powerful tool for attracting potential customers to the dealership. The strategic placement of the brochures across the 14 locations led to increased footfall and, subsequently, higher conversion rates.
  • Improved Customer Engagement: This Two-wheeler marketing case study showcased how the engaging content and visually stunning design captured the attention of customers, fostering a deeper connection with the TVS brand and Hari OM Motorrad. The brochure served as a valuable resource for customers seeking information about the available models and the dealership’s services.
  • Positive Feedback and Recognition: Customers and stakeholders praised the new brochure for its professionalism and attention to detail. The collaboration between our automobile branding agency in New Delhi and Hari OM Motorrad received positive recognition within the industry, further enhancing the dealership’s reputation.