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Innovative Commercial Advertisements: One of the Best Agency for Creative Campaigns in India

Uni Square Concepts is proficient in planning and executing advertising campaigns. The innovative ad plans for marketing formulated by our agency in New Delhi often consist of unconventional and amusing ideas to advertise and promote products or services. The eccentric ideas developed by our professionals, make it easy to spread the word about your product/ service, generating brand awareness, creating brand recognition and increasing sales. We have an in-house team of professional copy writersand campaign planners, who are best at their work. Whether online or offline, the experienced team at Uni Square Concepts comes up with the best innovative ways to generate awareness in the target market.

Out-of-the-box Advertising

We are a well-received agency in India for ideating creative campaigns. We possess an in-house team of young, creative, and experienced people, who come up with out-of-the-box ideas for promoting any brand. The secret sauce of making our client’s campaign memorable and longer lasting is the copy, which is focused towards making the advertisement emotionally appealing to the audience. By crafting advertisements that connect on an emotional level, we engage with the audience on a deeper level, forging stronger brand connections and driving long-term brand loyalty.

Unique Promotion Methods as per the Product

The advertising campaigns that we strategise, are focused towards one main aspect: increasing sales. Our founder and CEO, Mr. Uday Sonthalia believes that sales is the core objective of any good ad campaign. Our agency for creative campaigns in India comes up with different plans as per the need of the hour. Many times we also use unconventional methods to increase sales. Such methods include highlighting customer success stories, holding contests, offering special discounts at trade shows, sending handwritten notes to customers, etc.

New Ideas

Our commercial ads designing company in Delhi NCR is popular for its eccentric work. Our company culture enables every member to think creatively and come up with new ideas. The CEO has conducted ‘The Creativity Workshop‘ for many corporates and also does that in house for our team members. Through this we get to use techniques of creative thinking, like ‘The Six Thinking Hats‘, ‘Mind Mapping‘, ‘Reverse Brainstorming‘, etc. The innovative ad plans for marketing by our agency in New Delhi are executed on the basis of extensive study and market research.

Creative Output

To obtain a creative output, raw ideas are shaped and revised multiple items. The ad plan goes through the thought-process of several key members of the team. This ensures that our innovative ad plans marketing team in New Delhi comes up with reliable campaigns.

Uni Square Concepts

Success Stories of Innovative Ads created by us for marketing in New Delhi, India

Moxie is a one-stop app for all health care needs. It is a unified platform that connects Patients, Families, Labs, Doctors. It offers a built-in support system for low or no network conditions.

Goals and Potentials is a renowned brand in India for life coaching, designed for the corporate environment. The client provides counseling services for different age groups through workshops.

The nature of business of Moxie required to direct its advertising efforts in an unconventional way. We greatly appreciate Uni Square Concepts’ creativity & strategy in planning and executing the advertising campaign of Moxie. Undeniably, it’s one of the best advertising agencies for creative campaigns in India.




One of the best agency for creative campaigns in India

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