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Our advertising agency work portfolio offers a snapshot of our diverse expertise, showcasing our proficiency in digital media production, commercials, corporate films, designing, digital marketing, content writing etc. With a keen focus on creativity and innovation, we bring your brand's vision to life. Our creative work samples reflect our professionalism and expertise. We are among the best branding agencies in India. Having expertise in working with businesses from diverse industries, we have developed everything from logos, brochures, corporate films to social media creatives and other advertising materials.


The journey of one of the best branding agency in India is told through compelling digital marketing case studies, featuring partnerships with prominent clients including COOCAA India, The Himalaya Group, ShopClues, and Moxie Labs Pvt. Ltd. Our strategic approach has yielded significant brand awareness, sales, customer retention, and market recognition, making us a trusted partner for diverse clients.


Being one of the best branding agencies in India, we have worked on a diverse range of commercials including corporate films, TV commercials, logo stings, YouTube videos, etc. Our creative samples reflect our decade old experience in the advertising industry. We have worked on commercial production for clients from diverse fields. Browse through our advertising agency work portfolio to know more.


With a focus on aesthetics and long-term utility, we have created logos for our clients from varied sectors. Our creative work sample of logos is a testament to our expertise and professionalism. Being one of the best branding agencies in India, we have created logos that are based on the essence of the brand. Have a look at our advertising agency work portfolio to know more.


Our extensive advertising agency portfolio includes numerous websites, spanning corporate, e-commerce, and portals. Being one of the best advertising agencies in India, we have delivered websites for clients across the globe. View our creative work sample to have an in-depth understanding of our expertise in website development.


We have created brochures and company profiles for our clients from different industries across the globe. Our advertising agency work portfolio reflects our expertise in creating professional and aesthetically pleasing brochures and company profiles. Have a look at our creative work samples to know more about our designs.


Our elaborate design portfolio consists of visiting cards, flyers, envelopes, standees, packaging designs etc. Being in the industry for over a decade, we have a knack for developing engaging and creative designs. You can browse through our extensive advertising agency portfolio which will give you a clear idea about our work.


Our expertise in creating crisp, concise and creative social media creatives can be clearly seen in our advertising agency work portfolio. Having worked for a diverse range of industries, we are proficient in creating social media creatives that align with the brand. Our creative samples can be browsed from the link below.


Being one of the best branding agencies in India, we have developed content for articles, blogs, company profiles, websites etc. We have developed content for our clients from across the globe. You can browse through our list of content writing clients for whom we have delivered engaging and professional content.


Our extensive advertising agency work portfolio reflects our expertise in working with clients from diverse industries. As one of the best branding agencies in India, we have an elaborate list of clients for whom we have delivered remarkable results. View all the clients we have worked with from the link below.

Uni Square Concepts


Working with Uni Square Concepts for our corporate film was an exceptional experience. They took care of everything, from our content and logo to our standee, brochure, and more, providing us with a truly end-to-end service that made the experience exceptionally convenient and efficient. From the initial concept to the final product, their team displayed a remarkable level of professionalism and creativity. The attention to detail and dedication they put into understanding our brand and message was truly impressive. The result was a corporate film that not only met but exceeded our expectations. It effectively conveyed our company’s values and vision, engaging our audience and leaving a lasting impact. We were particularly impressed with the high-quality production and the way they seamlessly incorporated our ideas into the final product. In my opinion they are the best branding agency in India.




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A brand is something that distinguishes your company from the rest. It is a symbol that conveys your organisation’s purpose to the customers. Branding as a marketing strategy is significant as it builds an imprint in the buyer’s mind for your company.


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Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of work carried out for clients coming from divergent fields. We have worked with several clients including The Himalaya Group, Shopclues, Unicosmos etc. From content writing and brochure designing to commercial production and past success stories, our portfolio is a testament of our offerings and delivery of quality work. For details of services offered by an ad agency, walk through our portfolio:

Our expertise and perfectionist attitude has gained us long term acquaintances based on confidence and trust. Our client base is from mixed backgrounds and varied industries including real estate, travel and tourism, education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare etc. Some of the eminent names include The Himalaya Group, Shopclues, Godrej, Western Healthcare, Kebabs and Curries etc. For more insights on the working of an advertising agency, you can categorically witness our clientele matching your industry by clicking on the following link:

Sure. We regularly post blogs on a variety of interesting and informative topics. These belong to different categories including Marketing, Designing, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Agencies, Work life etc. For more insights on the working of an advertising agency, you can go through our blog The Uni Square Blog for a quality check:

At Uni Square Concepts, website designing is a team effort that entails a lot of commitment and detailing. We assure our clients of an excellent impact because we believe that the first impression is the last impression. You can take a glimpse of our work at the link:

Yes we do. With an experience of over 7 years in this field, we have succeeded in forming strong business ties through our state of the art concepts. Our expertise in content writing can be well established through the appreciations and commendations of our past clients. We also practice content marketing using our blog-The Uni Square Blog. This blog is used by several organisations for their content marketing services. Take a look at our blog at: For more insights on the working of an advertising agency, visit:

Yes. Our case studies are an amalgamation of the challenges that we were faced with and how we strategized and executed our ideas to make them successful effectively. We have made several case studies for brands like The Himalaya Group, Shopclues, Unicosmos etc. Our case studies are a testament of our expertise as a top marketing and advertising agency. Take a look at our success stories at:

Yes we can. The best way is to decide your target audience and tap them with online and offline marketing channels. Lead generation is an extremely important factor for businesses to consider. At Uni Square Concepts, we can provide you with the right guidance to help you strategize for your brand effectively. We use Digital Marketing tools to generate leads and are known for delivering results. To know more please follow the link: 

We have phenomenal experience with clients from various industries. The appreciation and commendations received by us are a testament of our offerings. We have worked with clients like The Himalaya Group, Shopclues, Unicosmos, Godrej etc. to name a few. For insights on the working of an advertising agency, we suggest you walk through our clientele to take a closer look: