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Success Story of Advertising Online Medical Platform App in India

client name: moxie labs pvt. ltd.

Moxie is a one-stop app for all health care needs. It is a unified platform that connects Patients, Families, Labs, Pharmacies, and Doctors. It offers a built-in support system for low or no network conditions. The platform is accessible as a website and / or an app. The first of its kind patient relationship management platform in India, Moxie has carved a niche for itself in the healthcare domain. This success story of advertising an online medical platform app in India focuses on the strategic marketing efforts and on time advertising consultancy provided by us that helped Moxie scale to new heights. It highlights the innovative marketing strategies implemented by us successfully for Moxie.


This use case of online healthcare marketing, required an engaging & mobile responsive website which could promote their focus on the target customer segment – doctors and hospitals on one hand and, patients on the other hand. The client wanted to engage its customers, give them a good experience and leverage the loyalty of existing users to onboard new customers through various promotional schemes. Moxie also wanted to test the market response for their idea before fully building and promoting their platform. After the launch, they also required us to promote the app.


Moxie approached Uni Square Concepts to help them gain search engine’s visibility and increase users base of web application. In order to develop appropriate marketing strategies, we studied the brand and researched the market carefully. In this use case of online healthcare marketing, following objectives were set:

  • Generate the need of Moxie in the market
  • Reach out to potential customers to inform them about the benefits of the platform
  • Build the database of Doctors and Customers
  • Increase app installs

The Solution

This case study for companies in medical marketing highlights the insights and the skilful efforts included to get the satisfactory results. We undertook the development by initiating the work of the sitemap. By carefully handling this use case of online healthcare marketing, we followed an agile approach for development. The delivery commenced with a requirement brainstorming workshop with Moxie to understand high level requirements, and, setting up of roles and responsibilities.


The Website

We delivered the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the project in approximately two months. The process consisted of daily scrums along with review, sign off and retrospective at the end. Beyond the MVP delivery, we have further enhanced the web assets iteratively, as per the client requirements.


Digital Marketing

Before, coming up with the final SEO plan, we conducted an in-depth SEO audit. This audit helped us to learn more about Moxie and helped us in shaping our strategies accordingly. It was a challenge to bring potential users of health care services to Moxie through search engine optimization. We knew that it would require massive efforts, but our expert marketing team relished every part of it. Out team was set to: Make Moxie, easily discoverable on Google and to boost their app performance with app store optimization.


We started with a specific set of On Page and Off Page activities with a motive to make relevant visitors to lend and stay on the pages of the website. On-Page Techniques helped us in increasing the organic search traffic for Moxie, whereas new landing pages helped us in creating a much localized, relevant and positive experience for all our visitors.


After building web traffic, our next focus was to maximize its mobile app downloads. To be a success story of advertising online medical platform app in India, it definitely required a lot of study of the Indian market conditions. Because of the increase in penetration of mobile devices and internet facility in India, people prefer to use mobiles over desktops/laptops for their browsing requirements. According to a recent study, on an average, people check their Facebook account 8-times in a day. All these facts and studies helped us to include Google and social media platforms as an important part in this use case’s online healthcare marketing strategy.


With the use of Google’s Paid Ad Campaigns, we were able to draw the attention of potential users towards Moxie. To communicate the powerful features and values of Moxie, we created and optimized new paid search campaigns. Our social media campaigns proved highly relevant, and our ads received excellent quality scores from Google, which allowed us to make the most of our available resources.


Innovating using traditional marketing

This use case of online healthcare marketing shows how to avail the advantage of automation techniques in a strategy. After the online strategy was deployed successfully, our team brainstormed again to identify more strategies that would help in increasing the app downloads significantly.


This led us to us the traditional direct mailers in our strategy. With the increase in email marketing, our mail boxes are full of spam mails and users generally do not bother to read all the mails. However, if anyone receive a courier at their residence or office, then it is a must for them to read. We employed Direct mailers in our strategy, it acted as a powerful, valuable and cost-effective medium of advertising. As per a recent study, 94% of customers judge direct mail by visual appearance. Our Direct mails were designed strategically to make a good visual appearance and also helped us in delivering the message with maximum impact. The mails were couriered to a selective database of doctors.


Our extensive efforts helped us in reaching our objectives thereby gaining a number of web application users and app downloads for Moxie. In a short span of time, Moxie reached 10,000+ users. This leads it to be one of the best case studies for companies in medical marketing. With a dedication to achieving great results, we continue to work passionately with Moxie.


We used HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP for developing their website. The website  represented the aspirations of Moxie brand and provides great UX both from product and information perspective. Aided by our efforts, the client managed to on-board 46,000+ users in a very short span of time. The website played a major role in winning a number of accolades in a highly competitive and vibrant start up environment in South East Asia.


The website, which are maintained by us, also plays an important part in the client’s current round of funding with institutional investors. This solely shows how Moxie is one of the complex success story of advertising an online medical platform app in India.

Working for Moxie was a good experience for our digital marketing team. The careful study of this case study for companies in medical marketing reveals some key points to bear in mind irrespective of any marketing niche. The rise in the search engine page ranking made Moxie visible to its potential users, which in turn helped in increasing the number of visitors to Moxie. The notable results include:

  • Increase in Moxie website traffic by 350%.
  • Increase in Moxie application downloads.
  • Increase in the number of web application users.

With the experience and learning to back it up, Uni Square Concepts is ready to surge forth in the industry, aiming to compete with the high level agencies. With a team which is ready to create opportunities and a leader who is ready to challenge all the odds, the company is looking at a bright future ahead. With strict adherence to their unchanging core values, the organization is well-equipped to face any challenges that the industry may present.


Manish Srivasatava

Co-Founder, Moxie

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